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Artificial Grass Coventry Announces Fake Turf Layering in Kids’ Room is in news after a long time. This time too, they have come up with a new offer – artificial grass bedroom carpets at kids’ room. The news came from the chief marketing echelon at a press meeting held yesterday.

Faking It Grass is a name of rising fame in the industry. They provide installation work for a wider variety of fake grass and also take effort for its maintenance. While explaining the specific service, the marketing boss said, “Our fake grass is extremely friendly with both children and pets. This time, we have decided to extend our service to kids’ personal room. Kids have tender skin that needs more care and protection. We just ensure you that through our new artificial grass Coventry service.

Every strand of plastic grass that we will provide is extremely softer and even you will fail to feel it under your palm. The exposed ends are finely polished to avoid pricking for kids and pets as well. Even if they fall on it, you don’t have to worry about any injury”, explained the marketing officer. Fake grass installation is now a rising rage with the home owners. Garden or spaces by the driveways are not the only areas deemed ideal for fake turf layering. These days, plastic turf is being installed on the roof top and even at the bed rooms.

“A touch of greenery coming in form of a grass carpet lends a beautiful touch to your living area. Installing fake grass in bedrooms, balcony or on the roof involves more work, effort, time and money. We have expertise, resources and time at our disposal to ensure good work for you. We have an extensive variety of options to choose from. You just specify what you will need (in terms of colors, design and length) and the rest we will take care of. Our experts will also guide you in making a choice and give you an exact estimation of how much you will have to spend’, he added.

Lush green grass is still a big priority for the customers. However, tri color has now become a fascination for a more real look. The chief claimed that different varieties of grass available at their den are resistant against UV rays, flame, color and water. The company guarantees softness and longevity of fake turf. They also offer a full manufacturer guarantee. You can also hire them for their advice and service for maintenance work. “Many have a misconception that installation of bedroom turf at kids’ room needs a fortune.

However, with us – the No 1 artificial glass suppliers – you will enjoy a different and happy experience”, he stressed.

About The Company has been plying their trade in fake grass installation for many years. They offer a wider variety of colorful, durable, easy-to-maintain, and insect-free fake turfs within your pocket-friendly budget.


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