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There are many benefits to installing Faking it grass artificial grass but one of the most appealing is the low maintenance lifestyle it provides you with. A lawn with natural grass requires mowing, weeding, irrigation, chemical treatments, raking and more. In fact, most homeowners spend on average 120 hours a year maintaining their gardens. That’s a major investment of your time, and I am sure you could find better things to do than garden work. Plus, even after devoting all of that time, your lawn could still have dead spots, mud pits, insect infestations and other problems. Well, now is the time to get your time back. Faking It Grass installs artificial grass in Coventry, Tamworth , Warwick and surrounding areas and supplies the Uk .After installation, you are left with a beautiful green lawn that requires little effort on your part to keep it looking immaculate all year round.Feel free to give Faking it Grass  a call for a free quotation.

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