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Artificial grass installation

Artificial grass installers

Know 3 Most Necessary Aspects of Artificial Grass Installation

Summary: Artificial grass installation is a difficult task involving a great deal of time and effort. If you can manage time and are ready to put in hard work, do it on your own. However, hiring an expert installer always ensures perfect installation apart from saving of time and hard work.

Body: Artificial grass is widely used these days for its being friendly with environment, low maintenance cost and immunity to pests. Preparation is the most significant but trickiest part of fake turf installation. No shortcut must be followed. It is important for you to evaluate ground condition before preparing it for plastic turf installation. This write-up gives you guidelines in this regard.


Earmark the area for measurement. Use sand or a spray paint for marking. It is also crucial to integrate an overlap measuring 100mm over every edge of coverage over perimeter. Usually fake grass comes in 2 meter and 4 meter (width) variations of rolls. They can be supplied as per measurement in lengths to suit your purpose. Accurate measurement is extremely important to calculate the area to be covered with fake turf.

Surveillance of Ground Conditions

Proper drainage system is more important to keep your artificial grass lawn in mint condition for a long time. If your ground has an inferior drainage system, more expenses are required to install good drainage to avoid waterlog. If you have a plan to create a new sub-surface for lawn installation, you must ensure about integrating a slight fall in the project to facilitate drainage.

You must not invest on paving slabs as basement. This is because; the patterns on the slabs will be clearly visible after a certain period of time. Use coarse sand in thick layer to cover the exposed upper area of the slab.

Unbound and well-compacted aggregate bases make the perfect choice if you want to get fake lawn built from the scratch. Any unbound surface that is of ‘stable’ nature and has a very ‘reasonable’ level is considered perfect in such case. For too rough surface, use coarse sand to create a flat and smooth layer before grass installation.

Fake grass can be directly pasted onto an existing lawn if the ground has a good drainage system. However, it will not be a satisfactory system in the long run. The original grass will dry up with roots decaying and that will turn a smooth surface into an uneven one. Grass removal is recommended to avoid these potential issues, particularly if a layer of grit sand covers the soil.

Fake Grass Removal

It is better to use a turf cutter to pluck out materials and other vegetation in order to save effort and time. Remove the protruding stones to ensure evenness in the surface. Use a vibrating plate to compact the ground. The tool is easily available at any equipment rental company.

So, you see fake grass layering and preparation take a long time that you may save by hiring a company from available artificial grass installers with good reputation.

Author’s Bio: is a company that operates from both online and their offline setup in the UK. If you need artificial grass installation on your roof top and at lawn in front of your sweet home, contact them for expert advice and service.


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