Over the last few years, artificial grass has been improved and the disadvantages are almost negligible. Especially when you maintain it well, disadvantages like pollution are of no concern, but you will get the following advantages of artificial grass in return:

  • No more mowing and trimming edges

  • No more watering the lawn

  • No more scarifying and fertilising

  • No more weeding

  • No more problems with too much sun or too much shadow

  • A beautiful and lush lawn all year around

  • The swimming pool can stay where it is all summer long

  • It can resist all weather conditions

  • Very suitable for playground equipment

  • Ideal for children to play on, soft and non-abrasive

  • UV and colour proof

  • Eco-friendly

  • Low maintenance

  • Long durability (10 to 15 years)

  • Does not cause allergies such as hay fever

  • Multi-purpose

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