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Artificial Grass Installation – Learn Five Common Mistakes


Summary: Artificial grass installation is tough and the installer needs to consider several factors to make the lawn beautiful and prevent it from potential damages. This article briefly explains five most common mistakes that you must avoid while installing fake turf.

Body: Artificial or fake turf is now a favourite with the house owners who are interested in garden decoration. Lawns add to the greeneries of your garden and deck up its look. There are some obvious advantages of using fake grass for lawn creation and those have made artificial turf more popular these days. Artificial grass installation is not something all and sundry can do. You need to hire an experienced specialist. Here are 5 commonest mistakes of fake turf installation. Read the write-up to know how you can avoid those mistakes.

Wavy Surface

Will it look pleasant if a wavy surface is covered by a beautiful carpet? Surely not! The same theory applies to your fake lawn. Even a stone or little bump will stand out like a mismatch on otherwise flat surface of fake lawn. It is important for you to ensure that the lawn base is as smooth as possible. It will take time to prepare the base but it is always worth your attention.

Absence of Weed Barrier

There must not be any weeding after you are done with artificial grass installation. It is only possible if installation is done in the right way. Unfortunately, a larger number of people have no idea about how important it is to have a weed barrier. In absence of it, you will be surely left with the painstaking work of weeding the lawn. To avoid the hassle, ask the hired professionals to lay a weed barrier before fake grass installation.

Inferior Drainage

A waterlogged lawn is surely not what you want to see even during the rainy season. As a preventive approach, install proper drainage system. If drainage system is not properly installed, you will see a pool of water on the lawn surface and it will reduce longevity of the turf. You should take every possible precautionary measure to make your lawn look superb, no matter what the condition is like. A wise idea would be installation of a base having considerable depth and filling of sand and crushed concrete.

Bumpy Joins

Uneven joins can mar every effort on your part to create a beautiful lawn. Bumpy joins will damage the look of your artificial lawn and most importantly, will make it more difficult to repair. Don’t rush through the installation work and instead, take time to do it up to perfection.

Protruding Edges

Most of the people don’t realize the importance of securing edges when it comes to artificial grass installation. Curled, frayed or protruding edges look unattractive and also create problems. Anyone can trip over such uncared edges and furthermore, dirt can easily stick to it, causing more damages to your lawn. The artificial grass installers use adhesive to prevent the potential damages.

Author’s Bio: is a renowned lawn installer. They enjoy excellence in artificial grass installation at a competent budget. Visit their website to scoop out details about their service and pricing.

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