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Faking It Grass Launch More Varieties of Artificial Grass


Coventry, 2015: Faking It Grass are now set to bring more quality to their artificial grass installation work. The company made an announcement of introducing a wider variety of artificial grass to satisfy diverse needs and pockets.

The announcement came up at an event hosted within the office premise. The chief marketing executive was quoted as saying that the fake grass would now be available in an extensive range of colours apart from lush green. Till date, the renowned artificial grass Coventry suppliers have restricted themselves to marketing only tri colour and green products but now they will be leapfrogging others in the market by offering more varieties of fake grass. The spokesperson addressed the attendees with his tone of assurance and said. “Our fake grass is highly resistant to a number of factors that could damage the turf installation. It is resistant to high flame and UV rays. It is waterproof and friendly with pet and children. Its colours last longer”.

The fake grass is preferred to its natural counterpart due to several reasons. It simulates the look of the original grass but is easier to install and comes cheaper on pocket. The house owners don’t need to pay through their nose for maintenance purpose. No watering or mowing – it’s really easier to maintain artificial grass. The company is claimed to have expertise in lawn installation to serve both residential and commercial purposes. Emphasizing on the advantages of fake grass installation, the chief claimed that artificial turf would not only save time and effort but also money on maintenance. “You can save a good amount on water bills as no costly upkeep is required. We are the artificial grass suppliers of first water and also give free advice on maintenance work.

All colors are not a perfect match for every lawn. You certainly have some preferences which are not like others’. You may have liking for a particular color, size and shape when it comes to fake lawns. Green is common as a fake grass color as it makes the lawn look original. However, people now want to toy with different ideas and so favor other colors as well. We offer an extensive breadth of selection for colors and also adopt the advanced technique of installation. We make sure to lay weed barrier, install proper drainage system and smoothen the turf surface”, he went at length to explain artificial grass Coventry installation service. He also insisted in no uncertain term that everything from fake grass to installation charge would come at a budget price.

About It is the website of UK-based fake turf suppliers and installers Faking It Grass. They provide affordable service for fake grass installation and also supply a wider selection of high quality artificial grass in terms of colors, shape and sizes.

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